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Why Give to SU?

 Think back on the ways SU has changed your life. Maybe a certain class opened your eyes to a new career path. Perhaps you had an unforgettable semester studying abroad. You no doubt formed lifelong friendships…and attended more than a few games at the Dome.

You can help ensure that current students have those same kinds of opportunities by making an annual gift to The Fund for Syracuse. Why should you give now—especially when you’re just starting out? There are lots of good reasons:

  • You can change a life. You can help current students have a bright future by making sure they have the same great experiences you had at SU.
  • It’s a way to honor the community that helped you succeed. By giving back, you’re thanking your professors, mentors, and everyone else at SU who made you who you are today.
  • You can support any part of SU that’s meaningful to you. Your school or college. The library. Hendricks Chapel. Athletics. Wherever your heart lies, you can be a part of its future by giving today.
  • It feels good. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with doing something good for others.
  • It’s easy. Give online or by phone or mail.
  • It doesn’t have to be a lot. Every gift—whether it’s $20, $44, or $100—enables us to provide today’s students with the same opportunities you had at SU. Your participation is what matters.

Think your gift can’t make a difference? It can. So don’t wait any longer. Give now!

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