Generation Orange Leadership Council

The Generation Orange Leadership Council is a group of motivated young alumni looking for ways to better engage with and serve Syracuse University’s graduates of the past decade. The council strives to nurture relationships and encourage lifelong engagement among Syracuse University’s young alumni through programming and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspectives.

The council is comprised of 29 members ranging from the classes of 2009 through 2016. They focus on events, career services and lifelong learning, communications and marketing, fundraising, and regional programming.

The council is tasked with:

  • Promoting the social, professional, and philanthropic interests of young alumni.
  • Educating young alumni about the goals, purposes, and services of the Syracuse University Alumni Association.
  • Assisting the University with creating great opportunities for mentoring, networking, and education.
  • Connecting young alumni to each other and to the entire Orange network.
  • Maintaining a strong connection between young alumni and their alma mater.

Council members serve for a term of three years and may be eligible for re-election to an additional three-year period at the expiration of their first term. The council is coordinated by Megan DiDomenico, assistant director of lifelong learning.

The following young alumni are currently serving on the Generation Orange Leadership Council:

  • Stephen Barton ’12
  • Mollie Beach ’11
  • Andrew Brown ’16
  • John Burke ’12
  • Justin Cole ’11
  • Kurt Conner ’09
  • Chasity Cooper ’11
  • Alexandra Curtis ’14
  • Hannah Dorfman ’13
  • Demi Douglas ’16
  • William Fletcher ’14
  • Oriana Fuentes ’12
  • Boris Gresely ’15
  • Katherine Hoole ’13
  • Jane Hong ’16
  • Robert Long ’12
  • Dylan Lustig ’14
  • Paul Miller ’09
  • Brittany Moore ’15
  • Heather Murtagh-Miller ’09
  • Nicole Osborne ’14
  • Ivan Robles ’15
  • David Rosen ’11
  • Katie Rowan ’09
  • Aysha Seedat ’16
  • Michael Smith ’12
  • Dwight Stevenson ’12
  • Augustus Whitaker ’16
  • Leo Wong ’14